Just like that Felt Brooch

When I get an urge to create something or get an idea in the right side of my brain; I Just Have To Do It! I cannot rest until the task is done. It is like craving for a bar piece of chocolate that you just got to have!

I was in a similar fix when I was invited for lunch at a friend’s today. I just had thirty mins to get ready when my R brain got the urge of making a brooch! The left side (the logical and boring one) argued that I didn’t have enough time to make it….So the two sides had their argument (like they often do) but I knew I had to listen to the ‘right’ side in the end.

And so I dived into all my supplies and made a felt flower brooch in under twenty mins!

Sure I was a bit late for lunch; but at least I looked dressy!

Here’s how you can make one, just for the heck of it.

Felt Broche

Felt Broche

Felt Broche- Step 3

Felt Broche

Felt Broche

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Phone Book Paper Wreath

Not ready for the holidays yet? Don’t have enough time to decorate your nest? All is not lost! Here is an easy, quick and fun way to add a little cheer to your home. All you need is a quite evening, bunch of enthusiastic family members, lots of paper (recycle, por favor), and oodles of hot chocolate!

I took about two hours to make this beautiful wreath. I didn’t have any family to help me 😦  but the hot chocolate really helped. The only thing I use my phone book for, is to press flowers. So I thought of using it’s paper for this project. I was quite happy with my wreath; and it complimented My Dreamy Window!

Merry Christmas you guys!

Paper Wreath paper-wreath-all-good-things IMG_1980 paper-wreath

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My dreamy window

Let me share with you, the place I spend most of my day. It is here that I produce self proclaimed magnificent graphic design, exceptional art, skillful crafts, and lazy doodles. I work by this dreamy window and everything around and outside it inspires me. People walking outside are my muse and this is where I day-dream.

Now wouldn’t such a significant frame deserve to be jeweled? I think so too! So here is what I did.

I gave the blah white curtain rods a nice turquoise coat of paint. The color just popped through the white walls and complimented the breezy curtains. The curtains requested for a crocheted holder and I had to oblige.

Next I made a stunning tissue garland to hang out with the turquoise rod. Pale pink flowers with pastel green leaves (very dreamy indeed).

The felt flowers that I made last week sat comfortably on the pane with a mason jar, couple of family photos and my wooden letter ‘P’ (my favorite letter).

Well… what do you think?

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Boo to gloomy days!

In India we are lucky to have good weather all year round. Sadly, we seldom value it. Talking about good weather, I always took the sun for granted and never really treasured the positivity, life and energy that rises with it. It was always there, and I guess that was it’s job!

Then I came to Buffalo where there is no sunlight for almost half the year! The harsh winter is just around my corner and gloomy days are beginning to set in. Nevertheless, the sun stills comes out to tease me for a while. That is what happened yesterday! I ran to my window to greet the sun. He kissed my face and I lit up! I prayed and thanked him for coming my way. And oh what a beautiful day it was!

I made these felt rosettes to add more color to my day. They enjoyed the bright day and I could swear they bloomed and were blissful just like me!


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Coconut Shells. Recycled.

One thing that you can find in every kitchen, at any time, in the city of Bengaluru; is the humble Coconut.

My in laws’ kitchen is no different. Found half a dozen coconut shells  ready to be thrown out and I just had to put them to better use!

I grew wheat grass in the little pots that I made of the empty shells.

This is how you can go about it.

Coconut Shell Painting

Coconut Shell Painting
Coconut Shell Painting
Coconut Shell Painting

Coconut Shell Painting
Coconut Shell Painting
Coconut Shell Painting

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A home for my hooks

After my marathon stint with the Mermaid Tears Bag, my loyal and hard working crochet hooks almost gave in. They were tired and needed a good rest.

At the time, I promised to make them a comfy home where they could lounge and relax after a hard days work. This is what we made. They love the cool silk padding and now they are Happy Hooks!

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The Good Gift

This could be an idea for your next handmade gift. I gifted this to my sister in law who is a plant lover. It is a quick DIY and so much fun.  It turned out so beautiful, I had half a mind of keeping it for myself!

The painted mud plate could be used as an accessory for the pot or even an accessory holder.

Check it out!

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