DIY Mod Podge Coasters

If you have a man-child at home who leaves wet bottomed glasses on wooden furniture despite several warnings; you know it’s time to have some coasters!

I have collected a few foam crates. You know the black ones that carry veggies? I thought it would be a good idea to use them as coasters. I paired these with some old book pages, hand drawn illustrations and lots of Mod Podge. As you can see, the coasters came out quite satisfying.

DIY Mod Podge Coasters

I will show you how I made these, but before that let me share some tips and bloopers with you.

  1. I recommend Mod Podge ‘Outdoor’ as it is water-resistant. I ran out of it and used the Matte Finish Mod Podge – Not a good idea.
  2. While pasting paper on to the surface, make sure to remove air bubbles and give it a smooth finish.
  3. Once you cut the foam sheets, smooth out the edges with sand paper.             CAUTION: You must do this outdoors or over the sink as the tiny shavings are going to fly about and you’re not going to like it.

Let’s begin!

DIY Mod Podge Coasters
DIY Mod Podge Coasters

Step 2

DIY Mod Podge Coasters

DIY Mod Podge Coasters

DIY Mod Podge Coasters

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4 Responses to DIY Mod Podge Coasters

  1. deepa says:

    Very innovative idea Pinaz. All things are recyclable if we think the way u think. :).

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