My First Art Expression by Neha Asher

I am in the process of designing an art activity book called My First Art Expression. It is researched and written by artist, art teacher and my guru Neha Asher.

Neha aunty (as I have called her all my life) has been teaching at her Art school in Pune, India for the past 20 years. She has been an inspiration to many like me.  Neha aunty has taught me to love and enjoy whatever I do and I am grateful to have her as a mentor and friend.

Here is a glimpse of her paintings. Most of them find a nucleus around ‘The Woman’ and that is what I love about her style.

Read more about Neha Asher and her work on her website

Neha Asher Painting

Last week my young friends and I spent four lazy afternoons trying out some of the activities from her book. We sure had a blast as we learnt about coloring, making our own stamps, doodling and making paper bags!

People, I give you the brightest kids I know: Aditi, Shreya, Aashi, Succhay and Dhanvin!

Art Class

The activity book will hit stands by the end of April 2013. Stay tuned!


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11 Responses to My First Art Expression by Neha Asher

  1. lisha scaria says:

    After the art class shreya and ashi want to turn any paper,empty box ,bottle…etc into a piece art.
    thanks pinaz…

  2. deepa says:

    Pinaz, your teacher’s paintings are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for conducting the workshop with the kids. They truly enjoyed. All the best wishes and good luck for your activity book.

  3. I enjoyed your post! Thanks!
    Chris Mobley

  4. Vidya says:

    I love the work your teacher is doing. I visited her website, and i am gonna make sure to visit her next time I am in Pune. About the kids…they loved every minute spent with you. And I could see that on their faces.

  5. Nina Patel says:

    Pinu , Neha Aunty’s drawings r amazing . . I can see a reflection of her work in ur paintings 🙂 . .
    Regarding the kids u r also one of them . . Lol :*

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