Just like that Felt Brooch

When I get an urge to create something or get an idea in the right side of my brain; I Just Have To Do It! I cannot rest until the task is done. It is like craving for a bar piece of chocolate that you just got to have!

I was in a similar fix when I was invited for lunch at a friend’s today. I just had thirty mins to get ready when my R brain got the urge of making a brooch! The left side (the logical and boring one) argued that I didn’t have enough time to make it….So the two sides had their argument (like they often do) but I knew I had to listen to the ‘right’ side in the end.

And so I dived into all my supplies and made a felt flower brooch in under twenty mins!

Sure I was a bit late for lunch; but at least I looked dressy!

Here’s how you can make one, just for the heck of it.

Felt Broche

Felt Broche

Felt Broche- Step 3

Felt Broche

Felt Broche

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