Phone Book Paper Wreath

Not ready for the holidays yet? Don’t have enough time to decorate your nest? All is not lost! Here is an easy, quick and fun way to add a little cheer to your home. All you need is a quite evening, bunch of enthusiastic family members, lots of paper (recycle, por favor), and oodles of hot chocolate!

I took about two hours to make this beautiful wreath. I didn’t have any family to help me 😦  but the hot chocolate really helped. The only thing I use my phone book for, is to press flowers. So I thought of using it’s paper for this project. I was quite happy with my wreath; and it complimented My Dreamy Window!

Merry Christmas you guys!

Paper Wreath paper-wreath-all-good-things IMG_1980 paper-wreath

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1 Response to Phone Book Paper Wreath

  1. deepa says:

    Woooow… loooooks sssssssoooooooooo good. Hats off to ur thinking, Pinaz.

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