Boo to gloomy days!

In India we are lucky to have good weather all year round. Sadly, we seldom value it. Talking about good weather, I always took the sun for granted and never really treasured the positivity, life and energy that rises with it. It was always there, and I guess that was it’s job!

Then I came to Buffalo where there is no sunlight for almost half the year! The harsh winter is just around my corner and gloomy days are beginning to set in. Nevertheless, the sun stills comes out to tease me for a while. That is what happened yesterday! I ran to my window to greet the sun. He kissed my face and I lit up! I prayed and thanked him for coming my way. And oh what a beautiful day it was!

I made these felt rosettes to add more color to my day. They enjoyed the bright day and I could swear they bloomed and were blissful just like me!


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