Felt Things.

Hello world! What a beautiful morning it is; here in Bangalore city. The cool breeze brings in a light sweet smell of incense and the air carries faint soothing sounds from the temple close by.

I am staying at my in laws’ till we find a new place to move in. I have set up shop on the second of their three floor bungalow. I don’t want to create a beautiful mess with all my craft stuff, so I am being quite restrictive with my creations. Sticking to neat crafts like felting & crochet.

Here I leave you with my recent felting expeditions, I hope you enjoy them!

I would also like to thank my friend How Lovely for the inspiration. I finally sat down and finished this long pending project.

Mousy Broche

This is my first felt project. I think it looks like a mix of a mouse, a bunny and a rat. What do you think?

Mr. T loves going out for a stroll!


I was in need of a bookmark for the book I was reading. In the end I realised that I left the book aside and spent all my time in creating this cute friend of mine. Now, we love reading the book together.


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