Don’t buy… Go make!

For me, a simple handmade gift goes a long way than a store bought one.

Think about it, there is so much thought put into something that you make with your hands. It excites me to spend hours thinking about what I should make for that special someone in my life; and then putting in days of effort in making it. The outcome gives me a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

I was visiting my grandma and mamma last weekend and wanted to make something special for them. And since crochet is my recent calling, I crocheted them some cute wares. I made a couple of the coin purses for my friends Bunty and Catherine too. All the buttons that I have used here are made by me from scratch.

Of course they loved it!

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Gift: Scarf for my granna
Wrapping: A lot of thought went into this as the scarf wouldn’t fit into anything I had. In the end I just rolled it up, tied a crisp white ribbon around it with a cute tag.

Card Wallet for mamma

Gift: Card Wallet for mamma
Wrapping: I had this piece of paper that came with a picture frame. Folded it in half, pasted and drew an illustration of a cute bird with a message. Sweet.

Coin Purses for my friends

Gift: Coin Purse for Cathy & Bunty
Wrapping: I made these small hand bags out of Telphone Book paper. If you look closely I used the page that had Catherine’s name on it to personalise it further. Decoupaged alien figures to make them look cool! The coin purses fit in perfectly with my dalmation dog figurines.

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9 Responses to Don’t buy… Go make!

  1. marissafh says:

    I agree with you about handmade gifts. It takes me a while, but at the end, it feels good to gift them to somebody else.

  2. So true . . . and beautiful work! 🙂

  3. deepa arun says:

    Its just awesome. U inspire me in so many ways pinaz.

  4. I totally agree – its always great to give and recieve something homemade. Your blog is fab. Thank you for shaing.

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