Hooked on the Hook

Since the past couple of weeks I have been asking myself; why did I skip my needlework class in school? Why did I bribe my friend to finish my knitting projects? And why did I ever feel that crochet was a girly thing to do?

I have been crocheting since the last 10 days and even kicking myself for taking so long to discover this beautiful art. I have been so happy crocheting all day that I never want to stop!

I thank BobWilson123 on YouTube who made crochet so easy for me to understand.

I am so Hooked on the Hook that now there is not turning back!

My very first crochet project Beanie with a flower( 5.)came out to be a little big for my head but it still fits and looks great!
The sling bag (1.) was a mix of 2-3 tutorials. I made a clay button for it and a bow as an accent.
(3.) was just for practice, but it turned out so cute that I thought of using it as a coaster for my tea mug.
The blue scarf (6.) with an adjustable flower tag is one of my favorites.
The coin purse (4. & 7.) This was such a fun project; I attached it to my keys and am always ready with some change in an emergency.

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12 Responses to Hooked on the Hook

  1. Sana says:

    Proud of you Pinaz. Mrs. Mistry would be proud of you too. You ideas are incredible! Keep it up.

  2. I love the coin purse – everyone should have one!

  3. I have just realised that you have only been crocheting for 10 days – amazing! You are so productive!

  4. marissafh says:

    Welcome back to the world of crocheting!

  5. I’d love to start crocheting…it would give me something to do during my favorite TV shows:) Do you have any resources you recommend? How did you learn?

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