Thrifty Decoration Idea

Decorating for a party can be quite daunting and expensive at times. Here is a neat idea of how you can make a quick decoration with things you find around your home.

I call these my ‘Toilet Flowers’. Don’t worry, they are just made out of Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls.


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3 Responses to Thrifty Decoration Idea

  1. Jocellyn says:

    Oh geesh! I’m so excited for this. As someone who is not DIY inclined, I figure this is something I could tackle.

  2. Jocellyn says:

    Reblogged this on Peel and commented:
    Okay, so when I saw this I was positively giddy. After reading my previous post, you’ve discovered my inability to DIY 😦 However, I think this is something anyone could tackle. So, ladies, (and flower loving gents) save up those toilet paper tubes and create a flower accent wall in your bedroom, dorm, or apartment !

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