A New Beginning

This is a painting that I made for a friend and her daughter as a farewell gift. Acrylics on paper, took me around 6 hours to complete.

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7 Responses to A New Beginning

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  2. Sushmit says:

    I always believed that you are very talented person and very nice human being. I really feel proud to be your friend. This painting is a marvel!! If you can get me a copy, I would like to put it my living room.

    Thanks for all the good things that you show us! Love your thoughts to bring life from mere unused things.

  3. deepa arun says:

    The painting is beautiful…… mother and daughter…….(shilpa and sanvi)…….keep up the good work.

  4. Shilpa Kaushik says:

    This is one of the best gifts I have ever got… n Saanvi is sooo proud to show it to everyone. Thanking you even a gazzillion times wont be enough! I have been a witness to the growth of the artist in you and can surely tell that you are a gem! The heart and soul that you put into each and everything shows in the result.. keep it up n we hope to witness many more of the “good things” 🙂 luv u n miss u lots!

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