I never buy wrapping paper.

I find it a waste of time to actually go to a store and buy a wrapping paper for any gift. If we look closely there are so many things in and around our home that we can recycle and reuse for wrapping up gifts. I always believe in using existing items than to buy new stuff.

It could be an old gift wrapping paper, a paper bag, magazine papers, newspaper or even an old cloth!

Here are some examples of gifts that I have wrapped with things that I had available with me.

Wrapping with a shopping bag Handmade Magazine Paper Bag
Handmade Magazine Paper Bag

With some ruffled white tissue & a stamped card, the earring box is ready to be placed inside the bag.

Handmade Magazine Paper Bag Wrapped up carrot cake
Pottery Barn Wrapping Paper

No. I haven't bought this wrapping paper from Pottery Barn, infact I made it out of a Pottery Barn catalogue! Tore about 8 pages, glued them together and wrapped it around. Made a pretty flower out of golden tissue with a crystal in the centre. Black ribbon to hold it all together. Now who wouldn't like such a nice gift! By the way the gift is the mother and child painting that I made for my friend and her daughter.

Pottery Barn Wrapping Paper


Pottery Barn Wrapping Paper


Wrapping Cloth

I wrapped this gift for my Valentine. The gift is wrapped with cloth that I had, using the Japenese Furoshiki Wrapping Technique. Attached a love note and a croquet flower to complete it. Sweet!.

Wrapping Cloth


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6 Responses to I never buy wrapping paper.

  1. nilofer says:

    babes these ar jus awesome…i knw u wer creative (ur paintings and stuff) but this blog is taking ur creativity to al new level…Simply Awesome..i luv ur gift wrapping techniques …will def try those..and ya m still drooling after seeing all the gr88 stuf u cooked…i dint properly understand how u did tha mosaic on the wall can u give me more details..m plannin to do tht in my room (it shud help in covering some cracks and chipped areas)..pls advise..

    Nilu Pilu

  2. These are awesome! I especially love the weaving technique (gotta try that), and I love the fabric wrap idea…almost included that in my tutorial! So encouraging to know I’m not alone in my quest to make my own wrapping paper. You’re doing beautiful work. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    • I am so glad you liked them! I have started using a lot furoshiki technique to wrap my gifts. In fact, I make gifts only to wrap them in beautiful fabric! I loved your blog. Keep up the lovely work.

  3. ngnrdgrl says:

    Love these. I’ve used comic strips from newspapers as gift wrap before. I find the person gets interested in reading the comic strips before fully unwrapping their gift. ^^

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